Marshal for Wave

Free time tracking for Wave

Finally, a way to track time, expenses, budgets and profitability with seamless integration with Wave for accounting and invoicing.

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Everything you need

All-in-one platform

We love using Wave for our business - we're building Marshal to fill the gaps, and want to share it with you.

Organize time and expenses into projects. Track budgets and profitability, without missing a single billable hour.
You and your team can track time to projects, retainers, or directly to a customer to invoice later.
Log expenses and, optionally, add a markup to make sure you're staying profitable.
Approval Workflow
Empower managers to review time and expenses before they are invoiced.
Product Categories (Tasks)
Sync your time and expenses with products in Wave for fast invoice creation.
Invite your team to Marshal and set billable and cost rates to see precise profitability.
See your team's performance each week and predict revenue from unbilled time.
One-click Invoicing
Send approved time and expenses to Wave invoices with a single click. No more out-of-sync A/R!

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